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    NS05 (for hot water recirculating line)

    If you have a recirculating hot water line, it’s necessary to fit an additional unit (3/8″) on that line

    The Naturalsof prevents limescale deposits in the home without removing the beneficial minerals associated with water hardness.   No salt or backwashing cycle required. If you have a recirculating hot water line it’s necessary to fit an additional unit (3/8″) on that line.

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    Choose Scale Prevention over Water Softeners

    No Salt        No Power        No Water Waste        No Maintenance

    NaturalSof prevents scale build up and hard water stains when installed on new systems and gradually removes scale from previously untreated older systems ( this process is gradual and it may take up to several months to de-scale a previously untreated system )

    No detrimental effect on drinking water unlike salt utilizing conventional water softeners

    As the NaturalSof replaces existing water softeners all the running costs and inconveniences associated with the use of conventional water softeners is eliminated. No more salt carrying, water waste and no more damage to the environment.

    You can fit and forget the NaturalSof  is completely maintenance free requiring no chemicals, electricity or salt.

    With no backwashing required a continual water supply is assured.

    Compatible with any pipework material, the easy installation can be carried out either, by a DIY enthusiast or, a plumber. Simple installation replaces existing section of pipe.

    Additional information

    Weight 5 lbs
    Dimensions 13 x 3 x 3 in
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    NS1 (3.5 bathrooms or less), NS6 (4+ bathrooms & 5+ people), NS05 (For Recirculating Hot Water Line)




    13 x 3 x 3 in


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