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Your family deserves the best drinking water available, right out of your own tap. You don’t have to buy expensive “bottled water”, when you can have an amazing NaturalSof water system, “the water softener alternative”, installed for only pennies a day!

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Problems with Hard Water
in Your Home

When heated, untreated hard water begins the formation of scale or rock. Scale builds up in plumbing, water using appliances, water heaters and fixtures. Soap scum is the reaction occurring with hard water & soap, making cleaning more difficult, your laundry duller and sticking to hair & skin.

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Healthier Water Softener
Alternative for Hard Water
Scale Prevention

It is our belief that everyone deserves to have clean, high-quality water in their home, to bath & wash, as well as drink. Our team of highly trained experts are passionate about making families healthier, through cleaner, environmentally safe water consumption.

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Are you looking for a water softener for your home or business? You’re local NaturalSof Dealer is your top source for clean water and water treatment. Our technology is state-of-the-art, and is providing clean, healthy water solutions for families and businesses, from coast to coast!

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Guaranteed Green Technology for Hard Water Scale Prevention

NaturalSof provides an industry proven catalytic solution for limescale prevention as an alternative to conventional ion exchange systems (water softeners). The NaturalSof unit does not soften water by removing healthy calcium like a water softener. NaturalSof does not add anything to your water either. It uses the natural properties of calcium carbonate (water hardness) to our advantage by changing it into a soft, non-bonding calcium crystal which will not stick to surfaces or form limescale inside appliances and heaters.

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