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Why are there White Spots on my Car?

Why are there White Spots on my Car?

Why are there White Spots on my Car?


Perhaps you find it relaxing and even somewhat therapeutic to wash your car on a nice, sunny day.  It can even be a fun family or couples activity that has played out thousands of times in television and cinematic productions since the early “car in every driveway” campaigns.

It can feel like traveling through time to visit a classic car show.  Maybe you have invested a small fortune to restore a car.  You picked out the paint scheme to reflect a smooth as glass surface or even a multi-layered and dimensional combination that can captivate the passer by.

Whether your car is new, new-ish, or a classic, it didn’t get delivered to you with white spots all over it when you first picked it up right?  So why are there spots on your car now?  Why does it seem so difficult to keep it looking like you want it to regardless of how much you may spend on cleaning and polishing products?

Two words…Hard Water.


Car washes advertise a “spot free” rinse because they have invested in water treatment equipment to reduce and even remove minerals from their water.  Even if you have a traditional water softener for the inside of your home, this water is not sent to your outside hose bibs as it can cause environmental damage to your lawn and landscape.

Once you rinse your car the race is on to dry the vehicle before the sun bakes the spots onto the surface and they feel as though they are permanently etched in.  Unless removed or otherwise treated, the minerals will likely win the race just about every time.


Calcium that is dissolved in water will fall out of suspension when sprayed through a hose nozzle and form hard, crusty calcite.  This is the source of your spotting…so you can stop rubbing your eyes and wiping off your sun glasses!


The spots are an aesthetic eyesore, but not the only challenge that hard water can create around your home.  Learn more about hard water here.

Grab a copy of our hard water checklist here.

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