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Why am I so Itchy after I Shower?

Why am I so Itchy after I Shower?

Why am I so Itchy after I Shower?


Rather than just lather up with lotion, it is best to work backwards and discover the source of the skin irritation as it may not simply be dry skin.  In fact, the lotions could be doing more harm than good.

It could be seasonal allergies because the air is drier certain times of the year where you live, but what if there were other factors you haven’t considered?


Here are some things I like to tell my clients to check out:

1. Soaps, Bodywash, Shampoo

The most promoted brands typically contain the most chemicals.  Sure they are put on the shelf as safe for use, but that does not mean that your skin is not having a reaction to some of these.  A quick way to see if this is the problem is to get in the shower for your normal amount of time and don’t use any of these.  Just get out and dry off (hint: you can take another shower later).  What you want to discover is, are you still itchy?  If not, then there’s a good chance one of these is your source.  For more information about safe consumer skin products, I highly recommend checking out Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database.  You can learn about the products you are using and search for safer alternatives.

2. Airborne Contaminants

Got forced air heat?  Well, when is the last time you have had your home’s duct work cleaned?  Consider the age of the home or system and when (if ever) it was last done.  We most often think of this area of the home for respiratory health, but if you are stepping out of a shower or bath and there’s something in the air that your skin doesn’t like (dust, mold, particulate, insects) the itch may be telling you it’s time to clean these out!

3. Food Allergies

If food is the culprit you likely have skin irritation more than just when you get out of the shower.  However, the shower or bath could inflame the issue.  So at the end of the day your root cause may have little to do with the shower and more to do with lunch hour!  For more information on this topic, check out this article on WebMd, Food Allergies and Your Skin.

4. Water Contaminants

Of course, we have to look at the obvious…water!  Certainly if there are chemicals in personal care products that may affect your skin, there are also contaminants in water.  Not all contaminants are added chemicals, some are minerals.  If you live in a hard water area,  excess and untreated calcium
just might be it.  Untreated calcium will form as calcite as it exits your shower head and hits your skin.  This picture shows calcite magnified 3000 times.  See how jagged the edges are?  This could be the source of the itch right here!

You also may be legitimately allergic to the chemicals in your water supply.  I had a family tell me once about how their daughter would break out in rashes and they traced it to the fluoride in the water.

You may have to play CSI a little bit to find the cause, but it will be worth it to be itch free right?


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