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Testimonial: Plumbing Wholesale Manager in Virginia

Testimonial: Plumbing Wholesale Manager in Virginia

Many of our sales go through the Plumbing Suppliers and Wholesale stores around the country.  More plumbing professionals are getting involved with water treatment as newer technologies like tankless water heaters are increasingly sensitive to the issues caused by hard water.  It’s important that our sales and distribution partners and their employees get to experience the benefits of NaturalSof at home so they can share their experiences with their customers.

This short testimonial came in just the other day about some excellent results within just few weeks time…

Brad in Bristol Virginia is a manager at a plumbing wholesaler.  Early in December of 2018 he installed a NaturalSof NS1 in his home to treat 100% of the incoming water.  He did NOT tell his family he was going to do this…see what happened in this short video testimonial:

Sometimes the element of surprise can be a good thing guys 😉

If you are not familiar with the damage that is caused by hard water, you may wish to review this post.

To learn more about the CITY water quality in your area, visit Bestplaces.net and type in your city name…then click on the Health link on the left.

To visit Brad in Bristol click HERE

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