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Testimonial: Ari Chose NaturalSof For His Beautiful New Home

Testimonial: Ari Chose NaturalSof for his Beautiful New Home

Near San Jose in the town of Cupertino we have a customer named Ari who took on the massive project of doing an owner-build of a new home.  He was introduced to our line by the Fantastic Rooter Plumbing team when he was looking for a solution to treat his to-be home’s water.

He was making a significant investment.  Ari knew he didn’t want a system that required a lot of maintenance, but he wanted more than just protection from hard water…he wanted to improve the quality of the water for his whole family.

He chose the NaturalSof 6L complete whole house filtration and treatment system.  Ari and I have stayed in touch throughout the process of selection and installation.  This week I had the pleasure of visiting him at his home to ask him in person about how he likes his system.

See what he had to say:


It was great to meet another happy customer and we look forward to serving Ari and his family for years to come!

If you are not familiar with the damage that is caused by hard water, you may wish to review this post.  To learn more about the water quality in your area, visit Bestplaces.net and type in your city name…then click on the Health link on the left.


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