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Choose “Green” Limescale Prevention over “Salt” Water Softeners throughout the USA!

No Salt. No Power. No Water Waste. No Maintenance.

The healthy, environmentally safe NaturalSof solution prevents scale build up and hard water stains when installed on new systems and gradually removes scale from previously untreated, older systems.

  • No detrimental effect on drinking water unlike “salt-utilizing” conventional water softeners
  • As our innovative NaturalSof technology replaces existing water softeners all the running costs and inconveniences associated with the use of conventional water softeners is eliminated. No more salt carrying, water waste and no more damage to the environment.
  • You can “fit and forget”, as the NaturalSof system is completely maintenance free requiring no chemicals, electricity or salt.
  • With no backwashing required, a continual water supply is assured. Your new NaturalSof water treatment system is compatible with any pipework material, and our expert installation simply replaces the existing section of pipe. We take care of all the installation, and you recieve the benefits of clean, healthy water from day one!

At NaturalSof, we believe that everyone deserves to have clean, quality water. We pride ourselves on being the top resource for all water treatment challenges. Call the experts at NaturalSof today at 844-966-7225 or fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch!

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Win the battle against hard water scale AND protect your family with whole house filtration – ALL IN ONE!

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For clean, healthy water right in your own home, (safe for drinking, bathing and washing), contact your local Certified NaturalSof dealer today.

No need to leave your home, and deal with the crowds at the grocery store to buy bottled water. NaturalSof provides peace of mind for you and your family.