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Naturalsof Return On Investment

How to Calculate Your Return On Investment for Water Treatment


We know that water treatment is optional.  It is possible in hard water areas to leave the issue unaddressed and just “deal” with it in other ways.  These other ways typically consist of:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • On-going Repairs / Replacement of key Plumbing Components, Heaters, etc
  • Manual Cleaning of Faucets, Fixtures, Sprayers, Hardscaping, etc

If you ARE using another means of treatment prior to investing in NaturalSof you have other ongoing expenses such as:

  • Chemical Costs
  • Salt Product and Delivery
  • Annual or More Frequent Maintenance of Treatment Equipment
  • Electricity
  • Excess Water Usage from Back-washing

It has to make sense (and Dollars!) to invest in initial treatment or alternative water treatment.

We want to help you with this and have created a simple to use Excel file that will calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) and Net Present Value (NPV) for your application/project.


Here is an image of the file with a Car Wash example:



Here’s a video walk through – check it out!


  1. Download the file from our Virtual Toolbox HERE
  2. Edit the yellow highlighted cells with your real information:
    Current cost of hard water in your application
    What % you expect to realize in savings based on the time of implementation in the Year 1
    Cost of Investment in NaturalSof
    Cost of Capital – click on the link in the file if you do not know your current rate
  3. Check out the Results!

The file goes out 10 years because the average life expectancy of a NaturalSof unit is 10-15 years based on the last 40+ years of international applications in over 40 countries!

Here is an example of a high rise in San Diego that has been enjoying treatment and savings for close to a decade as of the time of this post.

Our clients typically see a return in a range of 6 to 18 months…sometimes even sooner!