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Wholesaler Support

We know you stock and distribute literally thousands of products and we appreciate that you are looking at our lines to be added to your mix!

As a primary point of contact in the industry you serve clients that can benefit from water treatment every single day. Whether it is the installer who count on you to provide the best lines for their new builds or tenant improvements or your own outside sales team, every single one of them will see opportunities for water treatment on just about every job.

Have a look…

Opportunity Cost

With that said, have you thought about what it costs you if you are NOT offering a variety of water treatment technologies? Your installer may be coming in to buy connection fittings to install treatment that they purchased from another source! That’s money down the drain as you lost the most valuable portion of the sale.

New to the USA

Although the NaturalSof technology has been distributed internationally for over 40 years to over 40 countries, it is relatively new here in the States. As plumbing professionals are being asked by their customers for more cost effective and environmentally responsible treatment, you want to be able to offer them the best solutions.

Highest Value

We may be new here, but some of our installations (Installation Map) have been in place for over 8 years and still performing like new with zero maintenance. That means that your customers see a very fast Return on Investment Check out our 3rd Party GSA Study!. They associate your store and your team with those wins and look at you as the trusted resource when planning their next projects.

Full Support

There is no reason to carry inventory of products that do not sell. That’s why we work with you as a partner to help identify and train your best client candidates that will keep coming back over and over to purchase products. We are ready to help with:

    • Samples
    • Literature
    • Lunch & Learns
    • Job Walks
    • Counter Days
    • Expos

    …and more!

    Chances are we are already doing business with one of your branches and we are happy to put you in touch with your colleagues there…just ask!

    Ready to Grow? We’re ready to hear from you!

    Getting started is easy. Simply click here to send us your info and our nearest NaturalSof area manager will set up a convenient call or site visit.

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