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Whole Building Heating System

NaturalSof Pro can protect an entire building’s heating system, fixtures, and other equipment. This typically requires multiple units to address hot water recirculating loops and low flow equipment.

First, a NaturalSof Pro is installed on the mainline after fire suppression but prior to the hot/cold split. Then NaturalSof Pro units are installed on any hot water recirculating loops. Sometimes a single NaturalSof Pro can treat multiple hot water loops if they return to a single line prior to the heater. Lastly, we must address any low flow equipment like ice machines and water fountains as they will be running at non-peak times when the primary unit is not activated due to low flow. For example, by installing smaller NaturalSof Pros at the low flow ice machine, we ensure treatment at all times for the ice machine. At this point, you’re entire building is protected from hard water and requires no maintenance or other ongoing costs.