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Is my Well Water Safe?

Is my Well Water Safe?

Is my Well Water Safe?


Usually when we talk with people about water treatment and filtration there is someone in the room that has lived with or has had a family member that has lived with well water on their property.  For some it brings back childhood memories of crisp-cool refreshment on a hot summer day on the family farm.  Yet others may remember foul odors and stains of water that had a metallic taste.  So people usually have an opinion one way or another based on personal experiences.



Since taste is relative to the individual, let’s start with a baseline of what we would call the “best” water.  What really defines water quality?  One thing to realize is that there’s no such thing as “new” water.  At least none that we are aware of currently.  There is speculation that there are some deeper layers to be explored beneath Earth’s surface and these could hold more water, but going on what we know today, we are recycling the same water over and over and over.

Also, when it comes to water, we really are all connected.  If a water supply is damaged or contaminated many miles away, it may just be a matter of time until it finds its way to our area and some decisions have to be made about how to clean it up.  That is why water safety is imporant to all of us.

So as far as best is defined, let’s just say the water has healthy minerals in it and the least amount of chemical contamination as well as no foul odors.  In this case, well water may be the best…in one location.  While in another location down the road, it could be highly contaminated with arsenic that is actually a naturally occurring contaminant or has been accumulated by apple orchard spraying, coal ash disposal, or use of some types of pressure treated wood.

Don’t get scared yet, there are ways to find out just how safe your well water is.  First, let’s have a look at the water cycle.  This video was originally produced by NASA and provides a great animation of the water cycle:

In this 3 min video you can see how water is constanly in motion.  As it evaoprates and precipitates it has the chance to be filtered before it runs through channels and picks up minerals and other dissolved solids and liquids again.  Since your well is not regulated by the EPA, how do you know what is in the water?


If you build a new home or take posession of a home that has a private well, there has likely been some testing done to make sure there is no bacterial contamination in the water.  However, if you really want to know how safe your well water is, we recommend some more extended testing.  This will not only give you piece of mind, it will help you determine how you would like to treat and / or filter your family’s water.

How important is this?  What if I told you that all it takes is the action of one indivudual acting irresponsibly to contaminate the water supply of a whole neighborhood or even town?  It has happend in recent history.  Click HERE now to read this article, Wake Forest residents drink contaminated water for years.

Click HERE to learn more about which well test we recommend and get a sample of an actual report.

Not on a private well?  Click HERE to learn more about City Water quality.