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Happy Birthday America! What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Happy Birthday America!  What does your birth date mean?


Thought I might look up some interesting facts about the history of July 4 in celebration of this year’s Independence Day.  So my exact Google search was “july 4 secrets.”

As usual there were plenty of returns as Google was calculating what might be going on in my head as I search and I came across a book, “The Secret Language.”  Which claims to be able to…

“Discover anyone’s life purpose in their Secret Language Name! “

All you have to do is enter your birthday and the magic happens.

The reports also…“predict the quality of your relationships…select your birth week to plan your romance, friendship and work partners based on your 48 relationship patterns.”

This certainly sounds merely like hocus-pocus, but here’s some of the practical data behind The Secret Language (or the Birthday Book)…

Gary Goldschneider studied the life stories of more than 20,000 people over a 40-year period.  Based on date of birth, Gary looked at 50 people born on each day and found the personality traits held in common by 45 of them.  Then he created personality profiles from those traits for each day, week, month, season and year.

Co-author Thomas Rezek further combined those profile names into the ultimate distillation of the reader’s personality – your Secret Language Name.


It’s not really surprising that many celebrities have heard of or own the book…


Hmmmm…wonder if they are choosing movie roles based on the book?



Some of the following sounds accurate…“Thus, those born on July 4 are not satisfied when acting purely for personal gain, but like to make their mark as contributors to a larger effort. This is not to say that they do not like working or being alone. Long periods of solitude may be necessary for them to develop their projects or chart a course of action, but such work invariably functions within a wider social framework.”

You can see the complete report here.


Maybe for fun look up your own birthday?

Then, for some real fun get out over this long weekend and see some real friends and family.  Remember to stay cool and hydrated with plenty of pure water as you keep the grill hot and celebrate the birthday that we ALL share in our great country.

Happy Birthday America, we love you!