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Fluid Dynamics Review And Testimonial: Housetron In The High Desert Of Southern California

Fluid Dynamics Review and Testimonial: Housetron in the High Desert of Southern California



Maybe you have had to soak your coffee pot in vinegar and even run some through the coffee maker to get the water flowing again?  That’s what Patty used to experience month after month in Helendale / Sliver Lakes, CA.  Not after she installed the Housetron though!

See what she has to say in her testimonial video…(3:04 long)


It didn’t stop with the coffee pot.  Things started to clear up all around the house…inside and out!  The buildup on the shower head started to disappear.  Patty even said they have more pressure and flow through their shower now because the hard water scale that was blocking it is washing away.

The calcium on their irrigation system is going away too.  Also, life in the desert can be HOT!  Out there evaporative coolers are common.  It was exciting to hear that they were cleaning up too and the new ones they just installed are staying clean.

We just love getting great reports like this!  Patty was a major skeptic…now she is recommending the Housetron to everyone.


Patty and her husband were tired of dealing with the issues that hard water caused around her home.  She was budgeting and planning for the installation of a water softener, but there was a problem with that for her.  Living in the desert in California water is a precious resource and she just could not justify having to backwash a water system and send so much of the water down the drain.  Plus she knew that she would not be able to send the softened water out to her irrigation lines as it would damage her plants.


There’s never a reason for concern when you invest in the Housetron.  We estimate a 15+ year lifespan within a home with absolutely zero maintenance required.  Even if you are not delighted, you still have an unmatched one year money back guarantee on the product cost.  We take away the risk and guarantee you will love your water!


Watch a Housetron explainer video HERE.

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