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Fluid Dynamics Review And Testimonial: Housetron In A New House

Fluid Dynamics Review and Testimonial: Housetron in a New House



Sometimes we miss the mark.  When that happens we need to decide what to do about it.

When I first met Linda and Charlie all I knew was that our product was not working in the home they had just built in Michigan.

They wanted it to, but were faced with a decision…send the product back and get their money back, or try some ideas we suggested first.

So what did they do?

The full story follows in this short video…(1:54 long)


“My husband Charlie and I started building our 3rd house together in July 2015. 
Our plumber suggested the Housetron instead of normal water conditioner with salt.  We agreed but he got busy and did not order it.  So I went online and did some research which lead me to purchase one online.  Charlie has built many houses as a builder so he installed it. 
Nothing happened and my cleaning lady was complaining about the scale build up.  Se we called the place we purchased the Housetron and they referred us to Fluid Dynamics.
Everyone at Fluid Dynamics we talked to was exceptionally interested in making things right. 
They asked questions about our home and I took pictures of some of the plumbing and sent them.
Eric Kneller, our area rep called and we had a lengthy discussion of how to fix the situation.  He sent us two different sizes of Housetrons and told Charlie how to replace the one not working. 
It has been 2 months and the cleaning lady is so happy she is recommending it to other people.
Charlie and I both agree that Fluid Dynamics is a company that wants their product to be number one and their service shows that.”
Thanks Linda and Charlie for your review and testimonial!


Our clients are our number one priority and we know their water is a precious resource.  As a provider of safer and more environmentally friendly products, it is extremely important to us that they are happy,


There’s never a reason for concern when you invest in the Housetron.  We estimate a 15+ year lifespan within a home with absolutely zero maintenance required.  Even if you are not delighted, you still have an unmatched one year money back guarantee on the product cost.  We take away the risk and guarantee you will love your water!

Watch a Housetron explainer video HERE.

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