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Aztec H2O Water Filtration

Water Softener & Filtration Systems

Your family deserves the best drinking water available, right out of your own tap. You don’t have to buy expensive “bottled water”, when you can have a Aztec H2O Water Filtration System, “the water softener alternative”, installed for only pennies a day!

Take the first step to crystal clean water for drinking, washing & bathing:

Aztec H20 Water Filtration Installs

Aztec H20 Water Filtration Installs NaturalSof’s Salt-Free Water Filtration System

Aztec H20 Water Filtration offers a wide range of high-quality and affordable water treatment equipment for all your needs. With over 35 years of experience, we can help you find what’s best suited to meet specific requirements with our vast knowledge in the industry!

Water Softener & Filtration Systems

Check Your Water Quality

Are you looking for a water softener for your home or business? Aztec H2O Water Filtration is your top source for clean water and water treatment systems in San Diego & Riverside Counties. The state-of-the-art NaturalSof technology provides clean water solutions from coast-to-coast, and right here in Southern California.

Problems with Hard Water in Your Home

When heated, untreated hard water begins the formation of scale or rock. Scale builds up in plumbing, water using appliances, water heaters and fixtures. Soap scum is the reaction occurring with hard water & soap, making cleaning more difficult, your laundry duller and sticking to hair & skin.