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Aztec H2O Services provides high quality and affordable water treatment equipment. We have over 35 years of Experience in all facets of the water treatment industry. We also provide very unique systems that are exclusive to us such as the MultiPlex Combination Water Softener + Filtration System [all-in-one design] and our “SCALE ARMOR PLUS” Salt-Free Hard Water Scale Prevention System plus Whole House Filtration System [integrated system]. Each system will be installed by our expert technicians and will go over your new system in detail once the installation is completed. Once your system has been in service for awhile, we will be sure to contact you when recommended service is to be performed and schedule a time with you to perform each service. We also do not believe in high-pressure sales tactics and we publish our pricing so you know right from the start what price you can expect to pay for any system. We hope to be your choice when it comes to water treatment for your home.​

Phone: 17608091684
E-mail: aztech2oservices@gmail.com