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When you are looking for products to offer YOUR customers it’s always a good idea to hear from other industry professionals about those products.  There’s no substitution for personal experience with the NaturalSof products, but hearing from Wholesalers, Mechanical installer, and Master Plumbers who have their own experiences with the product should prove useful.  Check these out…

Justin in Kansas City, KS Length (9:27) –
Whole House Filtration and Treatment

Pete in San Diego, CA Length (6:39) –
A Decade of Commercial High Rise Installations

Brad in Bristol, VA Length (0:40) –
Residential Water Treatment

Kendall in Wichita, KS Length (1:47) –
Residential Reseller from a Wholesaler

Louie in Phoenix, AZ Length (1:37) –
Swamp Coolers in the Desert

Tom the Rinnai Tankless Rep in Las Vegas, NV Length (2:45) –
Heat Exchanger scale free after 3 1/2 years and zero service!

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