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Matt Taylor


About Matt Taylor:

Matt graduated from Georgia Tech in 2005 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Immediately after graduation, he went to work in automation learning to program, support and sell programmable logic controllers and variable frequency drives for a regional distribution company in Atlanta, GA. This allowed Matt to spend a lot of time out visiting manufacturing and various industrial facilities, which he loves.

Matt was looking for a change in 2008 and decided to move to a chemical sales position with a Fortune 500 Inorganic Chemical Company. He started in a position selling through regional and local chemical distributors. From there, he moved to a direct sales role covering a variety of customers from healthcare to consumer products to industrial processes. During this time, the company empowered Matt to pursue his MBA at Emory University in their Evening MBA Program. He graduated in May 2015 and began to think about trying to do something entrepreneurial.

Through his network he became aware of an international company that really wanted to launch and expand in the USA, but was struggling to meet their goals. The timing was perfect! That was in November 2015 and the company launched under the Fluid Dynamics name. Realizing there was a disconnect with the US market and naming conventions, Matt took the initiative to re-brand and launch the new company as “NaturalSof” in March of 2018.

He now has a national team in place who continue to find satisfied customers and grow awareness around water softening alternatives that are better for our communities and the environment.

Want to talk to Matt now? Here’s how:
Cell: 678.939.7011
Email: matt@naturalsof.com

Matt Taylor


Employed Since: 2015-11-01

Date of Birth: August 19th

Hometown: LaGrange, GA

Hobbies: Spinning, skiing, scuba, hanging with my kids