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Job completed for Warped Wing Brewing Company

Location: Dayton, OH

Why did the customer contact us?

The Warped Wing Brewing Company opened a new production
facility in Dayton, Ohio in 2014. Aware of hard water scaling
issues in the area (total hardness 175 ppm), they researched
various options seeking a cost effective environmentally friendly
means to prevent scale accumulating in their systems.
Warped Wing selected NaturalSof with their proven scale
prevention technology. NaturalSof operating internationally as Fluid Dynamics has been in business since 1973 and has worked with a number of breweries over the years including Guinness, Carlsberg, Ruddles County, and Grolsch

Solutions provided:

A 3/4″ catalytic unit was installed on the feed line to the
property and a 1” catalytic unit was installed on the recirculating line of their boiler system.

The Results
The boiler was inspected as part of the customers planned
maintenance schedule after one year and the boiler was found
to be free from any scale deposits. Wash down areas and other
parts of the system that are normally susceptible to hard water
issues were again found to be scale free.

Utilizing chemicals near food/ingredients is a valid cause for
concern and could potentially result in an elevated risk control
assessment influencing insurance costs.
The use of Fluid Dynamics chemical free water conditioners
reduces the amount of chemicals on site and the associated risk
of contamination or injury.

Customer Savings
• Reduced maintenance
• Reduced energy costs
• No salt consumption
• Reduced water consumption